NAPOLEON cast-iron coal insert

Turn your favourite Napoleon gas grill into a charcoal grill and smoker to get a charcoal-smoked flavour. The cast-iron charcoal and smoker tray is easy to use. Remove the cooking grids and grill plates from at least two burners. Place the cast-iron charcoal and smoke tray directly above the gas burners. Apply a single layer of charcoal in the cast-iron drawer, then turn on the gas and put the cooking grates back in place. Give the charcoal time to ignite and form ash before closing the gas burners. Once the charcoal is ready, you can start cooking. Use wood chips directly instead of charcoal for a smoky barbecue flavour, or use the integrated and covered chip holder for both soaked and unsoaked wood chips. Napoleon's barbecue accessories are handy, multifunctional and easy to maintain. Our accessories are indispensable when preparing delicious grilled dishes and more. Expand your kitchen arsenal with all kinds of creative accessories to broaden your culinary horizons.